The thing about being positive, is that it actually takes work. I used to take it for granted, but it’s legitimate work that we need to practice at. (At least I needed to practice it.)

Now I’m not talking about ignoring issues, tolerating nonsense, or lying to yourself. That’s not really focusing on the positive, that’s just putting your head in the sand. I’m also not saying you should cut yourself off from negative emotions. They have their place in life, and you should be in touch with them.

Example: If there is a steaming pile of dog shit on the floor, don’t spend all day fretting about the dog shit and who did it. That’s easy, and it accomplishes little. Think about having a clean floor and get it back to that state. Then you can try to ensure that you keep a floor that’s dog shit free. That takes a bit more work but is more satisfying.

I’ve spent days wasting mental cycles on some bullshit that I’ve seen online that I have no plans to address in any way. I was just wasting my mind’s precious time and energy. I could have spent that time thinking about (and working on) the next story I’ll write, the next painting I’ll create, the next time I meet up with friends, the next time I travel and so on.

There’s a ton to be said about this sort of thing, and people have devoted their lives to studying the power of positive thinking, so I’ll come back to this post. I’ve been angry many times before, so I’m going to use that as a starting point to talk about becoming becoming better.

I’ll come back to this topic.


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