I was recently reminded me of the time I heard the phrase “Constant and Never-ending Improvement (CANI)” from Tony Robbins. That was over a decade ago, and I have constantly gotten. While that had stuck with me. While I had never really done so, it’s not hard to relate CANI to similar concepts: building a wall brick by brick, an apple a day, the 10,000 hour rule, perfect practice makes perfect, and so on.

These ideas aren’t any secret, but I wanted to remind myself of how good practice can be. Because when I’m in the zone and doing just the right amount, the practice feels more like destiny than a chore. I learn a little more, I connect a little more, I notice a little more, I resonate a little more. I feel a little more. It’s all just a little…better. 

I think I’ll go practice something right now.

Enjoy your day.
– Benja –


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