In a world abuzz of social media discussion, we seem to forget that creatives have the power. I forget this all the time. While there’s a lot of extremely relevant marketing discussion going on, it’s mostly coming from the marketing people that don’t specialize in content creation. That’s the job of the creator, and it’s a power that we should be tapping into much more.

We complain about social media, but it’s our weapon moreso than thei

Say you’re a writer. It’s your place to create 60,000 words for a novel. You’ve got a lot of work to do in order to create a coherent piece of work. On the other side, it’s the marketer’s/advertiser’s job to make 20-100 words of fantabulous copy and spin that into a multitude of views for your 60,000 words.

While this might not seem fair to you, please realize that you just wrote 60,000 words. You can *probably* figure out a way to write 20-100 and spread it out. And even if you aren’t very good at creating those 20-100 words, the really hard part is getting over mental blocks, putting those words out, and convincing people to listen.

But honestly, that part is much easier.

Dive in.
Learn from others.
Get good at talking about your work.
Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Content is still king.

– Mr Benja –

P.S. I’m not talking as if I’m some outgoing, social maven. I’m still working at this myself. 🙂 


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