Wrapping up the year, and I honestly feel like everything I’ve gotten done has been in my head.

Is that good enough? What tangible changes happened?

Well, I don’t even judge myself like that anymore. Maybe I’m on some Law of Attraction woo-hoo type of vibe that won’t allow me to go to those self-critical places anymore. But I’m confident that everything is playing out as it should. Looking through the MEAR lens (Mentality, Emotions, Actions, Results), I’m clearly making big shifts in the first three. What’s weird is that results are harder to see because we become used to them.

I don’t even think of myself as someone that creates a lot of online videos and podcasts now, but it’s a thing. In retrospect, I covered a lot of ground:

  • Recorded Instagram Live sessions more than 150 DAYS IN A ROW.
  • Mr Benja’s ADD Experience Podcast – Decided the direction and moved it into a great flow
  • Show Vs Business Podcast – Teamed up w/ Theo and made it through 50 weekly episodes
  • Maintained a heavy reading / learning schedule
  • Re-booted MrBenja dot com
  • Started into a new mental/spiritual/physical regiment.
  • Maxed out some sketchbooks for my return to the art scene
  • Calmed the f**k down

As I begin to contemplate what 2022 might hold, I hope that you’ll stay on the journey with me. I want to get into creating more and having more of that development dialog with all the people around me.

Image: Michigan State University. Owen Hall Graduate Center.
I was working on my Master’s Degree In Computer Science. In between times of working hard, I would fit in something creative and unexpected. In this case, I took a trip to the bus stop just to tell them that I was waiting on the next bus.


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