“Don’t Talk About It, Be About It” has been a little mantra of mine for a while. It came from a rap lyric. Today, I had a good idea, and my first thought was, I’d better post about this. Then, an altered version of the mantra popped in my head as, “Don’t Talk About It, Tweet About It.”

Hmmm…I felt like my subconscious is telling me that nothing really matters unless I post about it online and someone engages with the post. Seriously. That’s a real thought I’ve been having. (The idea of a tree falling in the forest comes to mind.)

But I’m not mad at that state of things.  I suppose that’s just me just coming to grips with how things work. Maybe I should just change my mantra to, “Don’t Tweet About It, Be About It.” Nah, that won’t get me any Likes.

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