In the last post, I talked about framing your prints. What I forgot to mention is how to flatten them. The Trap Vector prints come rolled in damage-resistant kraft tubes for safe transit. This is a common practice, especially for larger prints. As your art arrives, you’ll want to flatten them out before storing/displaying them.

Here are some recommended steps:

  1. Find a flat table or surface to lay your print on. It should be dry and free from dust/debris.
  2. Open the tube and slowly pull the protective tissue paper to slide out the enclosed prints.
  3. While leaving the tissue paper in place to protect the print, carefully unroll them so that the curl s are going into the flat surface.
  4. It is NOT recommended that you reverse-roll the print in the opposite direction unless you have experience doing so.  
  5. Distribute a few books on each of the corners and in the center of the print. (If you don’t have books, you can use some other flat-bottomed items that will keep your prints in place.)
  6. Let your print sit for a while under the weight of the books. Usually, a day will be more than adequate, but you can probably get away with overnight or while you’re off at a picnic.

Alternatively, if you get your prints professionally framed, you can just bring the rolled tube to your favorite framer, and they’ll take care of everything for you.

– Benja –


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