I never liked conforming. It hurts my soul to go against what my gut is telling me to do. Unfortunately for me, my gut rarely lines up with what a lot of people in my environment are doing. This is especially true during the Christmas holiday period. There’s so much pressure to conform: say “Merry Christmas”, smile at people, spend money you don’t have, etc. I actually like having general holiday fun, and I don’t mind the decorations and hooplah, but there’s something that happens to people that really gets them down during the holidays because of the pressure. Hey, man…don’t be stressed.

BUT I don’t give a shit, so I’m doing what I want to this Christmas. That’s my gift to me. This year, I’m not doing too much “Christmas-ing” and I’m doing some creation because I feel like it. In fact, I’m about to get dressed and go to a park to continue my creating. It’s something different so it’ll kick me into a different mindset.

So get good with the good people around you, make things happen, and give a gift to yourself.

I wish you all well.
– Mr Benja –


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