One of the hardest things for me to do is to have a straight-up deal. People always want to add bullshit, adjust parameters, play dumb, try to game, avoid compromise, assume favorable positions, and just behave in disingenuous manners. I think people don’t believe what I actually say for some reason. 

 For example, I was going to meet up to eat at a cool restaurant with someone that I hadn’t seen in a while. (We were both into checking out cool food places.) We were going to work out some things and catch up. The deal was that we would both split the bill for the dinner. Later on, though, they said that the meeting would be a part of their birthday week. I didn’t think think much of it. 

 A few days later I hopped into heavy LA traffic to make my way to the meetup. I got a call and then a text while I was driving, so I pulled over and returned the call. Turns out the person was just checking on my ETA. Cool. But somewhere in the quick banter, the birthday week was mentioned again. I had to call the person on that little bit of verbal subterfuge. Well then they confessed that they expected me to pay for dinner. I hung up, got back in the car, and turned around. That relationship is basically over now.

 So yeah, I’ve been told that I’m hard to deal with. I’ve also been told that I’m quite particular. Whatever. If getting things in order is a problem when you’re dealing with people’s money, time, energy, etc. then life around me will be a problem. Going forward, I’m going to be much MORE of a hardass in dealing with clown behavior. But I’m in a happier place, so I’ll be less of a grump about it. The blows will come faster, but will feel softer. 

It’s 2019. 
Let’s go.


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