No new products to announce today, just speaking and catching up. Earlier this year, I got the news that I’d have to shut down my art studio. Just recently, it happened, and I moved out. My  paint and canvases into storage. I wasn’t completely bummed out though. My pop art commentary project that combined newspapers and magazines with painted game characters was about finished. From shows on Melrose in LA, to penthouses in Long Beach, to WonderCon in LA, and to PAX in Boston, I’ve had fun. I currently only have five Original Benja paintings remaining, and those are in my personal collection.

Even though my new home is more ready for painting than the condo I started painting in, I made a big decision when I moved out. I decided to go digital with this next set of ideas. There are some projects I want to try, and it required finding digital outlets.

As mentioned in previous emails, first up is Transcendent Press, my zine/story outlet. I don’t want to say much about it. We’ll just let it build organically. Anything beyond that would definitely be hype. (Did that sound like hype? Maybe I do like hype.)

Alright. I’m going to Target now. I need to pick up some soymilk, highlighters, and a dust mop. My creativity has needs.

– Mr Benja –

P.S. I haven’t sworn off painting for good. And if you have some of my art, send me a picture! Thanks. 🙂


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