This is what happens when you let them get you off your game. That’s the only thing I can say to describe what happened. I was working with some people, and I got frustrated. Usually I’m focused on the task at hand, but this time, I was caught off guard. My mom used to say, “Your mind’s not with it!” when she saw us losing focus.

Anyway, like I was taught, I count it all joy. This little incident allowed me to find time to sit down and write and draw some things that were floating around in my head. I also have quite a bit more focus right now. No more walking aimlessly around Target or Sprouts wondering if they have just what I need.

So what am I writing? Well if you haven’t been following along, I have a new little project called Transcendent Press where all of the ideas over the past couple of years will be going to. The first few products will be in zine format. Starting with characters from the sketchbook, I’ll be creating sudden fiction that tells stories of super-powered beings from what I think is a pretty cool perspective.

Follow along! I’ll have a lot more coming through the pipe leading into the fall.


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