They say the first step in fixing a problem is to admit that you have one. Well, I’m saying it now: I don’t think I’ve ever properly communicated very well for my entire life. I can trace bad communication back to my childhood. We were out at a mall, and I honestly wanted to show her a cheap plastic balloon set, so I tried walking outside with it. The hope that she would bring me back inside to pay for it. That didn’t work out so well. I was legitimately confused when she and the store manager had a long discussion about what I was really trying to do that day. I was trying to communicate to my mother in a way I thought she’d understand. I expected her to say something like: “Oh look, young Benjamin walked all this way from the toy store to show me something!” Sadly, I didn’t get the plastic balloons.

Fast forward decades later, and I’m still fucking up communication.

I generally have no idea to communicate properly, but in 2019, It’s my resolution. As far as you’re concerned, you will see me doing better communication with this blog. I’ve kept up a reasonable blogging schedule, so I think I can keep doing this without driving myself mad.

Alright. I’ve already got the idea for the next blog post, so I think we’re getting somewhere.


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