Something is going on this year. I can feel it. While I can’t put my finger on it, something changed once 2019 arrived. Do you feel it? I hope you feel it, because there’s some good energy in the air. Not everyone is going to catch it though. Will you?

The Martin Luther King Jr Day week got me thinking about change and working towards a better future. I care about the knowledge and the work that I can do to make the world a little better place.

So how does one change? Like REALLY change? One thing I like to do it is implement a ‘change agent’. I alluded to this concept with my New Year’s post. But remember that a change agent doesn’t have to be a holiday, it can be anything that works you. Any place, image, person, song, event, creedo, et cetera that symbolizes your concept of progress can help you get to that next level. Have that dream!

Think about weddings, uniforms, knighting, graduations, insignia, powerful memories, etc.

So my personal change agent was to finally appreciate a set of nearly four hundred abstract drawings coupled with moving out of my painting studio last year. Those two things together have come to symbolize an artistic shift in my head. Every time I see those drawings, I immediately think about how I’ve grown out of my art studio, and I get to creating some new ideas. And I’ve put those drawings on my nightstand so I think about them when I wake up and go to bed. Over time, they’ve started to become second nature; the change is setting in.

That artistic change has manifested itself in the print project known as The Trap Vector. The prints I’ve been creating from that project are available now. Your support and feedback is appreciated, so click that link and check it out.

Take care.
– Benja –


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