It rained here in LA a few days ago. 
It made me reminisce.
Everyone was talking about it
Rain doesn’t usually fall out here in any appreciable amount.
People were getting ready.
Target sold out of umbrellas.
Then it happened.
The rain poured down.
Right on cue, people got a kick out of talking about the flooded roads and stinky runoff near Ralph’s.
People crashed on the highway.
Unfortunately, I hate talking about the weather.
It’s always been pointless to me. 
Who the fuck cares?
We aren’t farmers that need to bring the cows in.
No talk of weather has ever very useful or entertaining or useful to me.
LA Traffic (aka LA weather) is only mildly useful to discuss.
Waze and a glance at pretty much takes care of that discussion.
But…the weather does one thing extremely well.
It creates an instant connection. 
My dad used to start conversations by talking about the weather.
He would try this with me.
I would get frustrated when he did this though.
I always wanted to talk about some deep aspect of the socio-political landscape. 
Or maybe I’d try to talk about some heavy art world shit.
Well, he’d been through enough deep shit.
The weather was something easy for my dad.
I wouldn’t mind talking about the weather one more time.


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