Welcome to a New Year in a weird world.

People are all about the New Years…for about a week. Then things start to fall apart. This is not who I am though. I tend to get into the whole Resolution thing pretty heavy starting in the year prior and carry that energy into the next year.

There’s something about this year though. 2022 seems to be a bit more difficult to get jazzed up about. I feel like  there is a general malaise in the air that’s ready to be done with the economy, the pandemic, the government, the Internet and everything else that modern life has brought along with it. I feel like a lot of it has to do with the high levels of uncertainty that we are facing. Now more than ever, we don’t know exactly which way the wind will blow. 

But a New Year is here, and although we might not see how we can change problems at the global scale, we can certainly change things on a very human and personal level. But since all changes start small, we should feel good about doing what we can for ourselves and our environments with full knowledge that it is making a difference.

For me this year, I look forward to bringing more of myself to the table in the form of my podcast, writing, art projects, and general well-being.

I know that’s a little vague, but I don’t really talk about my resolutions in public in any detail. The hope is that the changes that I make will be strong enough to be obvious to those around me.

In going down this path, I have decided that the best way to make that happen is to make myself more visible and available than I have been in the past. The creation of this website is a part of that effort. Also, from last year, you will remember that I started a podcast called Show Vs Business with Theo, as well as pushing Mr Benja’s ADD Experience even more. These are not things my dominant introvert side wanted at all. But it was necessary work to get along the trajectory that I have set forth and continue on. It’s all a part of change.

In 2022, we will all have the unique opportunity to make substantial changes in the midst of many opportunities, and I intend to take full advantage of this Energy. January is just the jumpstart.

Are you good with your resolutions and prospects for the New Year?
Positive or negative, let me know.

– Benja – 

Image: Art show in Hollywood where I ran into a unicorn lady not getting any pictures. Shout out to Raphael Phillips for the photo bomb.


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