I was just getting home from the grocery where I had picked up some of that lovely Arrowhead Spring Water. (CLICK HERE to see the previous post explaining why I need it.) I was at peace, and the night was calm. I opened the car door, and soaked up the cool calm of an SoCal December night. Then, that calm was broken by the CLI-CLAK noise of wood and acrylic smacking loudly on the concrete. It was a skateboard kid trying to perfect ollies at 9-something at night. Cli-CLAK it went again…and again.

Sigh. The peaceful night was ruined.

I assumed it was a boy, and for a moment, I went into ornery grandpa mode, “Bad-ass kid. Needs to be inside doing homework or helping his mother with the dishes.”

But when I looked down the street, I thought it might be a girl doing ollies. Shoulder-length hair and tight jeans? Then a second thought occurred, “Well good for her. Girls can skate and be annoying delinquents too.”

But then…I realized I wasn’t sure if it was a boy or a girl.

Either way, I remembered that I like skateboarders. That kid was doing the right thing.
Fuck a peaceful night.


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