I was asked how I can handle being on social media so much. Good to know that my digital sweat is paying off somewhere.

In short, the answer is that I practice at being an efficient user. I’ve worked to figure out places were I’m spending time making decisions or dwelling for too long. Then I remove/adjust those places.

Here are two of the major areas where I save time online.

As far as my regular content goes, I jot down, photograph, and document my thoughts/experiences. Then, at certain times during the day, like after breakfast or dinner, I go to that archive and blast out the content quickly. Since it’s been sitting in the back of my mind or has been noted for a while, I usually don’t need to think much about what I’m creating.

Reading social media can be a huge time drain, so I only check/reply to social media in certain lag moments that have a capped time limit. Like when I’m boiling water, toasting bread, sitting on the toilet, waiting in the grocery line, etc. There are a ton of these little moments throughout the day that require us to just wait around for minutes at a time, so I put that time to use.

For example, I have a Star Wars discussion group that I engage in. Without being disciplined, it can take up all of my day. So for less than five minutes in the afternoon, I scan the updates and make *quick* comments. I then close down the browser. Later in the evening (after dinner), I do a deeper read, make longer comments, and post new content. This happens with multiple online destinations, and takes at most thirty minutes.

None of this interrupts the “me” time though. That’s priority, and part of what I think allows me to just get online, do my thing, and then get off at designated points during the day.

Let me know your thoughts.
– Mr Benja –


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