At an art show in San Diego’s Graffiti Beach, I noticed my friend, Edgar, looking at a piece of art with a slight bit of frustration on his face. He was looking at a piece of mine that had already sold. He was there first, but someone else had put dibs on the art by talking to me and effectively purchasing the piece. This didn’t sit well with him. It wasn’t fair. But the art world isn’t fair, and things like this happen all the time. But was Edgar ever going to forgive me?

Well…he got me thinking of ways to be a little more democratic and less elitist with my art.

The solution?
I will use auctions.
The art world loves auctions.
Now you can love auctions too.

I’m not sure if Edgar ever forgave me.
Maybe he’ll read this one day.

See any current auctions HERE.

– Mr Benja –


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