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The 2017 New Year is here. I hadn’t thought of it before, but this is my favorite time of the year.  Not like the partying or celebrating, I mean the resolutions and change part. A new year is a great time to enforce internal growth and change. There’s something about the it that makes it easier to move forward. It starts from sometime after Halloween and goes all the way through the first week of the New Year. I find myself thinking about where I’ve been and where I plan to go. (Huh…that’s about 20% of the year thinking about what the other 80% will be.)

For those that don’t know me, I make plans, but don’t speak on them very often. I’ve usually got something in motion, and talking about it doesn’t do much for me. I’ve never been very good at getting much support from people by simply speaking. I’m just not good at it. I prefer to let  results move the needle. Unfortunately, this strategy can be frustrating in this blah-blah-blah era. Action as communication also has the benefit of forcing me to create actual assets that can be publicly released.

I’ve been talking about a blog for a while, but it was time to actually do it. I’ll figure it out. I like to think of it as my own slice of Internet real estate that’s uniquely mine. I had a blog a long while ago, but deleted it in the face of such tools as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But things have turned out a little differently than expected. Those outlets have a strong bias to what their audience expects. Because the message ends up being the medium, right? (I mean anything is possible. I read a book publishing article thoughtfully written up on Imgur, but I can’t go around suggesting that it’s the best place for you to post such work.) In the end, my own webpage is the only place where I can reasonably keep things in improper working disorder.

And before I go too far with this, I’d like to list some credits to people that I’ve picked up some positive cues from: Seth Godin, Chuck D, Mike Rowe, Tim Ferriss, Elizabeth Warren, Boyce Watkins, Bobby Hundreds, Guy Kawasaki, Shaun King, Kevin Smith, Rachel Maddow, Robert Greene, Grant Cardone, Scott Adams, Philip DeFranco, BeyoncĂ©, David Choe, Kevin Kelly, Micah White, Cenk Uygur, Shane Smith, Tariq Nasheed, Kaws, Colin Kaepernick, Ries & Ries, Robert Scoble, Shepard Fairey, Eddie Huang, Joe Rogan, Lil B, Pharrell Williams, Earl & Shirley, Big Mal, Elijah Mobley, Lisa ‘n’ Lori, and others.
As for the plans for 2017?

They’ll manifest when it’s time.


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