Happy 2018 Everyone.

So yes, New Year’s is my favorite holiday, and I don’t even like to go out and party like that. I mainly sit around and meditate while sorting out the four actions I’m going to take in different parts of my life. That is, what I plan to Build, Acquire, Maintain, and Release. The last time I REALLY went out was way back in my Rockstar Games days, when in one night I became an expert on no less than four different types of tequila and drunken freestyling. Although fun, things are different now.

Now I take the time to plot out actual changes.

I don’t plan on speaking on specifics, because it all works better when I just *do* the thing, and let the universe respond as it may. Favorable or not, I learn and grow for the next year. Also, my resolutions aren’t a marketing platform for me or a discussion piece, but they represent a way to grow. As I introduce new things into the world (month by month), you will see an evolution. If I am ever talking about something very publicly, the process is already in motion. I used to think this was a bit of a cop out, but it’s a process that works better for me. Think of the process as a form of personal prototyping.

So with this post, I just wanted to let you know that I’m still around and will be pushing new things in the new year. And no, blog posting isn’t specifically one of my resolutions, but I suppose it helps me achieve my goals. And that’s the important thing to me. Hopefully, you’ve got some challenges for the year that you’re ready to take on.

Let me know what’s going on in your 2018 and if you have any things you’re looking to manifest. Alright! Let’s go!


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