2021 has been a strange year for most.

At least it has been for me.

In the above image, I was just setting up for an art show on March 5, 2020. It was just before the pandemic hit in the Long Beach area of California, and it was just before the United States public really knew what was happening. I’ve told that story before, but have been thinking about since I am just now getting back into the direct art creation mindset that I was into then. 

After the novelty of the pandemic wore off, it seemed that we were about to *attempt* going back to the way things were, but even that doesn’t seem possible anymore. It looks like we’re in for an all new adventure in the next year, and these two months are setting the stage for it. But I feel ready.

We are currently following talks of the Metaverse, cryptocurrencies, digital blockchain assets, supply chain adjustments, work changes, business restructurings, economic upheavals, social shifts, globalization, media manipulation, and more. Frankly it’s an amazing time. (Amazing as in, one on the outside would be amazed at the pace we’re moving.) Interestingly enough, I don’t think we’ve noticed how fast we’re moving.

But when I look back to that picture and try to pick up where I was then, the time seems just so foreign to me. It’s not bad, just…different. Very similar to how I’ve 

Now that I spend much of my time creating podcast episodes, blog posts, and other media interactions instead of making art or creations directly, I believe I can look at the surrounding landscape a little clearer. I suppose this is me adapting my creativity to the changing landscape.

I felt bad about that for a while, and social media started causing me anxiety. But I’ve come to understand this external interaction side more. 

Although I haven’t publicly shown any new paintings since that time, I have been creating, and I hope you have too. There’s plenty out there to get into. My journey has been one that has flipped me upside down completely as I’ve worked to build my brand into a front-facing creative personality. It’s been strange, but thanks to your support, it seems to be working…I think.

So what am I saying?

Well…this pandemic forced me out of my introspective zone and into and much more extrospective one. A new zone where I’ve been forced to create from a different perspective. My view on the other side of things has matured quite a bit, and you are seeing the result of that with posts like this that take me far too long to create.

Nevertheless, I persist.

And I must remember that digital or otherwise, the world is ours.

Let’s plan on making it a better one.

– Mr Benja – 



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