This Labor Day, I decided to get up and get to working on something. I started off the first couple hours by doing some writing for Transcendent Press. (I’m still not in the habit of daily writing, but I’m getting there.) Then I did some light stretching. Next I ate breakfast (oatmeal w/ fresh fruit and nuts). After that, I started working on this blog post. After this, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I might get to “work” on figuring out a new chess opening or figuring out if that new coffeehouse down the street is a good place to draw. There’s some website tweaks I can make (or a complete overhaul). I could also do some things to tighten up my social networks. I might even work on my anime studies by finishing my Soul Eater study. I may even do some learning from Udemy or Overdrive. I’ll probably finish the layout for my next zine though. The next zinefest is always around the corner. Whatever it is, I’ll have fun.

See, I actually like work. Not work-work like going to the office and doing whatever the corporate machine has told me to do. And not work-work like grinding away because I’m afraid of what people will think about my accomplishments. I mean that I like creating and making positive change in my universe and doing it how I want to.

I like to have fun in everything that I do, including labor. I celebrate it. It’s better than celebrating laziness or getting pushed around by the winds of chance. Try it out one day.


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