Mr Benja’s ADD Experience Episode 32 – The Epic Dune Discussion

DUNE! The name sparks such epic discussions across the web, that we had to have one of our own.
(Image above from the Dune graphic novel.)


Guests on this podcast:

– Theater Producer Andy Lowe
– Game Developer Donnie Cornwell
– Augmented Reality engineer Al Abut

In this episode, we break down and discuss the 2021 Denis Villaneuve film, the books, and the philosophical/social meanings behind it all. This episode is for those that have seen it at least once and are looking for more discussion on the topic.

This is the first 4-person discussion for the podcast, so let us know what you think in the comments below!

(2:18) Donnie’s Introduction
(3:32) Al cracks out on the Dune books
(6:50) Andy goes in knowing nothing of Dune
(10:20) Benja’s re-connection with Dune
(13:10) What does Dune mean to sci-fi?
(15:03) The thinly veiled allegories that somehow work
(19:50) Benja sees Dune on a small screen
(22:07) Andy’s take on Dune’s visual storytelling
(27:30) Al’s take on the visuals
(30:50) Did Dune get enough of the books into the movie?
(32:50) Andy talks about the hand in the box scene.
(34:15) Al’s take on a possibly confusing space Karens
(35:40) heroes journey supported by Donnie
(39:09) Donnie points out something EVERYONE missed
(41:39) Close fighting and melee combat
(46:12) Fighting up close and killing someone for the first time
(48:20) Al describes why Dune has stood the test of time
(49:20) Benja liked the 1984 version better
(55:50) Kama Sutra Jedi six is creepy
(1:02:00) Andy’s take on the danger of heroes
(1:03:23) More thinly-veiled allegories with the ‘Freman’
(1:04:30) Why do they call it “spice” and what does it mean in Dune?
(1:06:15) Donnie brings up the planted religions in Dune.
(1:11:45) Subversion of the hero’s journey
(1:13:37) Some of the religious/social commentary of Dune
(1:23:25) What about the white savior troop?
(1:40:00) Paul as a “hero” and using a different story structure
(1:51:03) Closing thoughts
(1:55:00) Just don’t ruin Thanksgiving dinner!


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