In trying to get a routine together in an anything-but-routine artist lifestyle, I’ve landed on one big productivity that keeps me in the zone better than a lot of things that I had disregarded in the past: selecting one grocery store.

I had a problem where I’d get some products from Ralphs, Vons, Sprouts, Trader Joes, and Seiwa. This left me bouncing from location to location at different times screwing up my day. That was foolish.

My current goto spot is Sprouts. Everything else is basically eliminated. And since I drop by Target every so often for non-grocery things, I can sometimes skip a Sprouts trip if I only need something simple like greek yogurt.

So what productivity gains have I gotten from cutting down on grocery trips?

  1. I think less about what I’m going to eat. 
  2. I’m so familiar with the layout that I get in and out without getting lost in food heaven.
  3. I eat better because it’s encouraged.
  4. I’m not as tempted to spend as much trying out new things.
  5. I’m in and out with a quickness.
This probably doesn’t seem like much, but it’s taken a decent mental load off of my routine. The little things add up, and this one was annoying the hell out of me.
(I still cheat w/ Trader Joe’s every so often. Damn that place.)


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