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I’m working on putting together my ideas.

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For decades of my life, I’ve documented and studied creative development and making improvements. Specifically, I’ve been thinking of resolutions and how we view them. This page will be a portal to a series of thoughts that I have on the matter and will continually be updated as time goes on.

Being Resolute

Amongst all the talk, the media hype, the wishful thinking, the planners they try to sell us, and the online challenges people coerce us to join, you don’t see many people looking to address the issue of being resolute. It’s the core of ‘resolution’, but the idea doesn’t get much attention.

Check the blog post about being resolute:
How I keep My New Years Resolution While You Cain’t

Some Myths About Resolutions …

So does it just come down to bad planning? Well…that’s not exactly how I would put it. Among other things, not being resolute is a problem that causes us to stop what we are doing. 

The way I see it, everyone has New Years all messed up. People often see New Years as:

  • Getting hyped up the first two weeks of January
  • An all-or nothing proposition
  • A magical wish
  • A time to feel bad about what you won’t do
  • A justification for all that dumb shit you did during the holidays
  • A way for you and your friends to lie to yourself to feel better

The 8 Ways To Keep Moving Forward

I’m currently working on resources to help people think about resolutions in a different way.
These are the core ideas I have decided on.

Here are 8 steps I’ve outlined for moving forward on resolutions.

  1. Follow Your Trajectory
  2. Consider Who You Tell Your Resolutions To
  3. Live the Serenity Prayer
  4. Use Whatever Tools Necessary to Keep Moving Forward
  5. Be Okay With Shortcomings and Negative Energy
  6. Reframe All Input to the Positive, Including Your Own
  7. Accept That You Are Exploring The Unknown
  8. Embrace The Pain