Introducing Pod Squadron

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (aka Florida) I ended up really getting into the Star Wars Franchise. If you ever talked to me, I’d probably have much more to say about video games or comics, but Star Wars was my science fiction / fantasy outlet.
I never mentioned it much, but I ended up starting a group on Facebook to talk about the franchise, and it got really good. A lot of my friends ended up joining and discussing all things Star Wars. Fast forward some time, and people that knew me from my group suggested that I help jumpstart a podcast.
That’s how I met up with the guys at Pangeekery. 
So now I host the podcast with Chinese Pirate, Hot Nerd Girl, and Kaleidoscope Creature, and it’s created in conjunction with the Pangeekery Network.
You can find Pod Squadron on all the major channels including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you get your Internet fix. 
We’re currently going following along with The Mandalorian. If you have something to say about that, let me know!

– Mr Benja –

Pod Squadron?? Wait… Benja’s Hosting a Star Wars Podcast

The Pod Squadron Podcast Is Here

* Here’s The Backstory *
Earlier this year, I was reading up on Star Wars news and finishing up the first season of The Mandalorian. I was a bit late on it, but season 2 was coming out and I was feeling good about Star Wars.
You see, I had gone through the tumultuous period known as the Sequel Trilogies Arguments. Regardless your feelings on those films, you likely thought it was a tough time to be a Star Wars fan. Things got testy. It was weird.
But I’ve been a Star Wars fan since…forever, and some YouTube comments and  aren’t going to ruin my joy. So I kept my private Facebook group going (want an invite?), and embraced all things Star Wars again. 
I suppose my enthusiasm and knowledge got someone’s attention, because through this I ended up getting invited to do a podcast with some of my friends.
* Here’s The Podcast *
I’m currently putting our podcast out on the different podcast channels and building something that’s bigger than Star Wars. I’m hosting with theater producer Andy the Chinese Pirate and social maven Tracy the Hot Nerd Girl. We go live every week on Twitch. We also have other guests that show up from time to time. Currently, we’re following the releases of The Mandalorian episodes and will continue on to other things after that. If you’re keeping count, that means we’ve got three episodes completed. 
We need your support, so be sure to subscribe on YouTube or wherever you check out podcasts.

– Mr Benja – 

Disney Plus Has No Free Trial – I Guess I’m In For a Month

In order to protect my time, I usually jump on a streaming service to check out their free trial and cancel before things get too deep. I have to do that because I can get sucked in pretty easily. Well it seems that Disney Plus has gone the way of HBO and has pulled their free trial. (It’s only $7/mo without the Hulu and ESPN option.)
This basically means that they’re confident enough in their brand that they don’t need any slick offers to get their people subscribed. Being that there are so many die-hard Disney fanatics (or Star Wars, or Nat Geo, or Pixar, or National Geographic), it makes sense.
No free trial also keeps people from jumping on to watch all the Star Wars movies and The Mandalorian in one week before jumping off. I see what you’re doing, Disney.
I’m saying all this because I’ve been thinking about brand, and Disney came to mind in a very real way. Now I need to go work on my brand before I start plowing through this content. 
Do you have Disney Plus?
What would you get it for?

– Mr Benja –