I have three projects that I plan on getting worked on this year. I know that sounds like crazy talk, but I’m trying something out, here.

The common idea is that you should focus everything you are doing into laser-light precision and get that one thing done. I get it, and I believe that to be true in a general sense. In fact, The ONE Thing (by Jay Papasan and Gary Keller) is a great book that really got me to a good place with my productivity.

I know that I waste a lot of time, but when I’m most productive, I’ve found that I have a few things that I can roll onto. Basically, when one task is completing, I can roll onto another one without losing momentum. If I have to keep doing the same thing, I can sometimes burn myself out. I’ll have to work on embracing the monotony, but that’s how it happens right now.

Also, when I pour a lot of energy into something, it seems like people back away from the energy instead of responding positively to it. I don’t know what that’s about, but I’ve often been told to “calm down” on social media and in life. I’ve been told that I’m “too much”. So pffft…I have to spread things out a bit or create new outlets.

Project 1 – The Trap Vector

The Trap Vector is my fine art print project. It’s my lead-off effort for the year. It’s a follow-up of sorts to a lot of the personal thoughts and feelings I was having for the past seven years. The genesis probably started well before that, but that’s what it’s about right now.

This outlet gets out my artsy fartsy concepts.

Project 2 – Transcendent Press

Transcendent Press is my writing project. If I could, I would probably just write for about a month, and then come out with some stone tablets full of god-like text. Then I’d realize it needs editing and I’d go away for another month. This doesn’t fit in my plans right now, so writing is going to have to take the long and laborious route.

This outlet gets out my most heady creative ideas, and is currently my biggest long-range goal. I have a book planned for sometime this year, and I’ve gotten to work on it.

Project 3 – The 8BitCubist

Oh boy. A lot of people have been wondering what happened to the 8BitCubist from a while ago, and simply put, the band broke up. I mean, we didn’t break up, but we went our separate ways, and the venture was never meant to be a solo one. So over time, I needed to put the brakes on it to figure out what the next iteration was going to be about. I am not going to be putting this in full force for the near term, but it’s coming.

I think a podcast and apparel will do good to start with.

I’ll do some other posts outlining what’s coming I’m learning in 2019 in greater detail.
Let me know what you think of the plan so far.


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