2022 is starting with a lot of news, so we’re putting together a news roundup to catch you up on what’s going on in 2022. There’s enough happening that we wanted to take special note of how this year is starting off. And then to finish it off, we go over a bunch of streaming shows that you might want to catch up on.

[Digging in the Crates -3:53]   Big News Back In the Day

[News Р35:05 ]   News Roundup from all over the place

[SvB Feature Р1:18:55] Streaming Show Roundup 


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two different perspectives.
Your hosts Theo and Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


[Digging in the Crates – 6:38 min] 2021 Predictions Revisited

[News -31:59] Spider-Man made a ton of money – check out our bonus pod

[SvB Feature – 37:04] 2021 Year in Review



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