There are a lot of people that aren’t into the art scene (or whatever scene ), and they’ll look for an easy fix for their itch. This usually means they’ll end up consuming something mass-market and commodified. It’s hard to win that game on creation alone. (If you can, you’re in a good space.)

On eBay and other marketplaces, people are selling cheap “original” wall decor that are painted in assembly-line factories located in China, Mexico, Bangladesh, and across the US. (Or even think of art that is simply printed with embellishments.)

These items are usually copies of a style, direct facsimiles, or quick Photoshop edits. Aside from the legal and moral lameness involved, I don’t think it’s very good. But I understand the role it plays, and I’m not mad it it.

What you’re seeing is a commodification of art on a large scale. (Notice that the image above says 24 sold.) While, I don’t knock anyone that buys this stuff, I think you can do much better for yourself.

– Mr Benja –


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