I got a message from my good friend, Ryan. He wanted to know why I’m posting all this shit, but haven’t sent out any podcast episodes.

Man…I ran into an online existential crisis.

See, I follow the classic saying from Busta Rhymes that states, “Don’t talk about it, be about it.” I realized that a podcast *could* be the epitome of that statement. I felt I was focusing a bit too much on talking about topics when I hadn’t lived up to my 2020 goals of being about my art. (And you know I take my New Years Resolutions seriously.)

That didn’t sit well with me. So for February, I put my primary focus on staying on the creative habit, so I wouldn’t start letting that slip away from me. Because I’ll be damned if I become that noisy guy that doesn’t create anything.

Also, the current idea is that you just fart out any kind of content and that’ll be good for your brand. I’ve seen that happen enough times to know that’s not the case. Also, that’d be bad for the rest of the brand if you saw my regular print creations and things fall off in exchange for some online hot air.

Anyway, don’t worry. I’m still doing the podcast, but I promised you steak over sizzle, so that’s what I’m doing. Always.

– Mr Benja –

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  1. Ryan

    The preview was great so I'm looking forward to it, but that makes sense, the right time will come!


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