There’s a fine line that I often find myself running up against, and that is the one between looking for problems and looking for solutions.

Because of the nature of computer development, I have spent a lot of time with software. Whenever possible or convenient, it tells you the that things are wrong and that should be fixed. This is inevitable. (When the system is broken, it WILL tell you.)

But there is an issue when you start looking at life as a developer would. Many things start to appear like problems waiting to be fixed. You get into a habit of viewing everything in the ‘negative’, even though that’s not your intent.

With code, you know that you are building a much better system, and that when you are done, the system will have benefitted from your positive change.

With life, things get emotional. People start enacting power plays. They assume you are trying to be better than them. The world fights back. Humility is outshined by hubris. It’s a phenomenon I don’t completely understand.

Most times, I just want to create a better environment and debug the issues.


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