What follows is a test of my personal fortitude. If you don’t want to read it all, jump to the END tag to see what the hell this post is really about.

——- BEGIN ——-
The most dangerous writing tool.

Okay. This is a story about something called the most dangeouraous writing tool. I don’ t know if you believe me, but it’s the thing that has scared the shit out of me more times than I care to admit. You see, it works like this. You start typing. And then…you can’t stop until the timer comples. Because if you stop? Well then the tprogress that you’ve made is erased…forever. That’s a pretty good motivation for someone like me, because I like to stop, think, smell the roses, ponder the meaning of life, research on YouTube, check Facebook to see what my friends might be doing, going for a walk, making a ham sandwich, taking a nap to clear the minde…you know, anything that will help me actually write. Just kidding, those things never help me write. The most dangerous writing tool is what actually helps me write. Like most things, tits. Like most things that are actually good for me, it helps me to simply “do” withoout worrying about being good or being correct. It’s pure output without the bullshit in my head forcing me to derail myself somehow.

In fact, this entire post was written in five minutes timer.

Check out the app. It’s pretty good and will get you past whatever writer’s block taht you need, because if it doesn’t. Your idea is goign to be erased. And if that happened, well…that’d be a shame now wouldn’t it.
fuck…those typose wrere there because my hand slipped and I got nervous. Point is, the thing was written and I’ve left this point in tact with minimal editing. I’ve only moved a few things around because I don’t write in a perfectly linear form.

This is all an exercise in getting things done. Sometimes I wonder how people get so much done in a short amount of time. Then I apply the concept to do the most dangerous thing for mostpeople to do …put things out into the world.

——- END ——-

Whew. Okay. The timer ended, and I can stop typing now. What I have above was created with The Most Dangerous Writing Tool, which can be found at https://www.themostdangerouswritingapp.com.

If you’ve ever had writer’s block, it will cure that. What you write might be shit, but since you have keep writing, the blockage will be out of you. I like the tool because basically follows the “just do it” mindset, and allows you to actually get things completed. I’ve put this methodology to use in other places as well with good results. And yeah, putting yourself out there freely and without pause to edit feels really fucking dangerous.

Try it. I really want to know what you think about it.

Note: I mentioned in the text above that there were minimal edits, but in reality, I left the text alone. I was only said that because my brain wanted something to fill the time.


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