I was a podcast OG. Mostly thanks to Raph and Marcellus back in the late 00s. I didn’t worry too much about recording my shit talking though. But between, myself, Raph, Jeff, Ryan, Theo, Marcellus, Josh, and a few others, there was always good shit-talking to be done. We found that out after bonding over video games, SoCal, and the San Diego Comic Con.

Come to think of it, we were all from vastly different places. That’s probably why it was so unique.

Here’s basically how the version were:
Version 1 – The Paiiow Podcast: Randomly wild. Missed it? That’s too bad (many to many)
Version 2 – The 8Bit Cubist Podcast: Group Sessions (one to many)
Version 3 – The 8Bit Cubist Podcast: Interview Sessions (one to one)
Version 4 – The 8Bit Cubist Podcast: Mr Benja goes full art (singleton)

The current version of The 8Bit Cubist podcast is a direct extension my art and a complement to it as well. That is, it’s an individual exploration of life viewed through the lens of a game.

Also, I’d definitely appreciate it if you could subscribe on YouTube so I can prove to the algorithm that I’m worth it. You know how that goes.

– Mr Benja –


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