The Trap Vector Prints

Collecting prints? Of course you are. I was asked about what to do with prints if they aren’t planning on putting them up on a wall just yet. You could simply keep them in the tube they were shipped in, but many opt for a storage solution of some type.

In general, you have three framing options:

  1. Print Protectors – Not really framing, but you can store prints safely in protectors or portfolios like the ones available from Baroque or by searching on Amazon. Shop around to find what you need. This option is usually employed when collecting numerous prints.
  2. Ready-Made Frames – This is the popular option. Head to your local framing shop such as Michaels, Art-To-Frame, or any place that sells frames and ask for styles in the desired size. You’ll find something that looks good and won’t destroy your wallet. Most prints for The Trap Vector are 18×24.
  3. Professional Framing – This is the nicest and most expensive option. Michaels actually does custom framing and is a suitable start if you’ve never gone with the professional option. You can always ask a decorator or an artist/gallerist to recommend a framer near you if you want to go this route.
There are other options available, but these are the most common. If you have any ideas or comments, let me know!


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