I just realized something.

Although interactive, newer social media platforms aren’t really trying to connect people like before. They’re not conversation platforms, but are more akin to telecasting platforms. They’re set up so that everyone gets their 15 minutes and can spend money to use and access it. Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube follow this paradigm I’m calling social telecasting.

That’s a different point of view from the genesis of online communication, which came from telephone and mail systems. That would be your multi-directional communication platforms like text messaging, Facebook, email, forums, Discord, and Twitter.

It’s like television and radio when compared to telephone and the water cooler.

I say this after hanging around some kids and watching how they used social media. It’s like they were maintaining their own unscripted reality shows via the social broadcast platforms. BUT they actually communicated via messaging apps, phone calls, and in person.

This got me thinking about how I have been using (or misusing technology). Because to have a conversation, you still need to have an audience that you are talking with and listening to, not simply broadcasting your video at.

Minor shift in thinking with possibly major ramifications for me.


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